2.4 Single Story about Native American Students


When we ask the question how we can meet the needs of Native American students in our classes, were really offered a great opportunity, the opportunity to get to know another culture, one that can be very different from our own.  We’re also offer the opportunity to get to know ourselves.

 What are the unexamined beliefs and stereotypes that we have that follow us into our class and have an impact on how we relate to Native American students? 

What are the single-stories we have about Native American students?  Do we have a story, a single-story about Native Americans and their experience of poverty that tells us that they're not ready to learn when they come into our classes?

Do we have a single story of Native Americans–their cultures and their families—that tell us that they don't value education?

I believe single stories like this have a power over us if were not aware that they live in us. 

Exploring another culture with an eye to exploring our own culture and the single stories we tell about that [other] culture provide an opportunity for us to grow and to becomes teachers that can meet the needs of all of our students.